Casual Cosplay Connections: Link

Hey everyone!

If you haven't heard, two of my favorite bloggers (Charlotte from Happy Little Geek and Danielle at From Girlie To Nerdy) are having a link-up celebrating everyday cosplay called Casual Cosplay Connections! 

The last Saturday of the month you post an outfit based on the theme of the month. I am so looking forward to seeing the looks and making more up! If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please join along! (See all the themes here)

This month's theme is "video games." At first I was really struggling to come up with an outfit since I don't play games often or can bring many characters to mind, but then earlier today I saw this green dress in my closet and knew immediately what I could do.

Casual Cosplay Connections outfit Link by Fangirl Crafter

I'm Link from Legend of Zelda!

Casual Cosplay Connections outfit Link by Fangirl Crafter

I had a lot of fun putting this look together and I felt really cute wearing it too. Plus, it goes great with the Triforce earrings I made a while ago!

Polymer Clay Triforce Earrings

And of course I had to do this:

Casual Cosplay Connections outfit Link by Fangirl Crafter

Now if only I could catch the darn thing...

Did you join in the linkup? Will you plan to do so in the future?
Let me know in the comments!

Keep an eye out because in July I will be hosting a Harry Potter themed giveaway celebrating the release of the new book! Winner will receive a few handmade goodies and some other magical treats!

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