Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

So much has been going on in the Harry Potter fandom lately! A new Wizarding World opened in Hollywood earlier this year, there has been a lot of exciting hype for the "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" movie, and at the end of July the book version of the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" play will be released. Not to mention just recently J.K. Rowling revealed more about the American wizarding school Ilvermorny and its houses! I'm a Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie!

With all this going on, I've decided to have a Harry Potter-themed giveaway!

Fangirl Crafter Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

I've rounded up some handmade and fandom-related goodies to help you go back to whichever school of magic you plan on attending this year! (Or at least get you through the days at the Ministry of Magic as an Alumni.)

We'll start by sending you your very own Hogwarts acceptance letter! (Via Owl Post, of course.)

Fangirl Crafter Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

(Note: This is just an example. I will be crafting one for the winner personally!)

Next, you'll be sorted with A Hogwarts House flower hair clip/pin of your choice

Fangirl Crafter Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

Rep your house with a unique twist! Handmade by me.

Then we'll head to Quidditch practice where you just might end up catching a Golden Snitch necklace

Fangirl Crafter Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

I've sold and given away a handful of these and every person that has gotten them has loved them! I have a lot of fun wearing mine and it really brightens my day when I see my friends wear theirs!

If you've got a craving for something sweet, A Chocolate Frog and some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans from Honeydukes is next on the list. 

Fangirl Crafter Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

(Unfortunately it won't be as pictured because they're actually from Lolly & Pops, a candy store which is equally as magical! But not as accurate)

And finally, to make it perfectly clear to even muggles how much you love the world of Harry potter, you'll receive an "Always" pin and one mystery pin

Fangirl Crafter Back to Wizarding School Giveaway

Along with this giveaway, I will be attempting to share a few HP inspired posts with 5 Fandom Friday as well as a few crafts and recipes so keep an eye out for them as well! You might have spied a peek at one in my Instagram already.

Anyway, go ahead and throw your name into the Goblet of Fire (Rafflecopter) if you are of the Wizarding Age of Majority (within the U.S. only. Sorry international friends!) and may the odds be ever in your favor! (Oh wait, wrong fandom!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*All Harry Potter inspired texts came from

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