Pi Day Leftovers

Yesterday was rounded Pi day! (3.14159 to 3.1416) Pie is round! PIE! 

Polymer Clay Pies

Math wasn't much of a strong suit for me after High School, but Pi Day has been something I celebrated just for geeks and giggles.  I was even lucky enough to find a Pi themed shirt while thrifting recently! Score!

The day before Pi Day I managed to craft up a Pi pie just in time for the occasion! A delicious looking triple berry pie too, my favorite!

Polymer Clay Pie

Wait, that's polymer clay. I can't eat that! But I sure am gonna wear it!

You can make your own by following this recipe by Sweetorials on Youtube:

I can't very well mention Pie without talking about Dean Winchester. Last year I went to SEACON (Seattle Supernatural convention) with one of my good friends and dressed as "lady Dean" or crossplay Dean. I actually made these earrings specifically for the event! It was an awesome time!

Polymer Clay Pie earrings

They are quite heavy, but so much fun to wear!

Here's the wonderful tutorial from PuddingFishCakes I used:

And speaking of Geeky pies, I love turning my chicken pot pies into geeky masterpieces! Here are a few that I still have photos of:

Geeky Chicken pot pie decorations by the Fangirl Crafter
Need a pie? Why not Zoidberg?

It seems like I'm perpetually celebrating Pi day the day after, so I find the "A Pi Day Late" pie especially fitting for this post. 

Did you do anything to celebrate Pi day?
What's your favorite kind of pie?
Let me know in the comments!

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