Happy Wholidays!

And a very Merry Christmas to those celebrating! (Or should I say "Happy Christmas"?)

I'm particularly excited for the new episode of Doctor Who airing tonight! (And in another week we'll have a new Sherlock too!) How about you?

Photo by Jessica Clemons

Last year I went to Doctor Wholidays at the Museum of Pop Culture (formerly know as the EMP) with one of my best friends (Aysel of the Widdershins Witch) & her family. It was such a blast!

We both managed to pull together two last minute gender-bent Doctor cosplays too!

photo by Jim Bennett for EMP

Mine was based on a drawing of Amy and some other companions dressed as their Doctors I found from Deviant art via Pinterest. The artist's page is no longer active, but you can still see the picture here:

I was quite happy with what I was able to pull together in a day! And taking pictures with a (mostly) real TARDIS was so much fun!

Aysel had her littles with her, so she couldn't go to 21+ trivia with me. Still I hung out for a while and had a "Sonic Screwdriver" for the heck of it.

Time to get wibbly wobbly!

I do wish they had added some blue curacao or midori for aesthetic (and taste! I don't like screwdrivers apparently, lol. Or maybe it just wasn't sonic-y enough for me...)

Besides the photo-ops and trivia, there were crafts for kids, featured videos, a fantastic costume contest, and full access to a few of the exhibits! Then near the end of the night they had a dance party!

The kids really loved meeting their favorite Doctor Who characters like the Daleks and K-9 in real life.

Like many conventions, people were dressed up, festive, and so very friendly! I love the comraderey that fandoms bring to us.

I highly recommend this event if you are near Seattle in December and love Doctor Who! It doesn't hurt to bring a group of friends along either. The more the merrier!

Good tidings from the TARDIS! 

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