Closet Cosplay: Happy Hobbit Day!

My dear Fangirls and Fanboys! Geeks and nerds!

Today we celebrate the birthday of two very important hobbits: Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!!!

It's also the 80th anniversary of the Hobbit being published!

Because of that I decided to put together a little closet cosplay of the unexpected adventurer himself: Mr. Bilbo Baggins!

I do eventually want to make this costume even better (hairy feet and all!) by dying the pants, sewing a real hobbit shirt + vest, and adding other details.

I am currently re-reading the Hobbit, which I haven't done since the movies were released. It's a lot more interesting this time around! Before I found it terribly boring for some reason. Now I love picturing Peter Jackson's versions inside the book situations. (Thorin especially.)

In order to take these photos I did, in fact, walk around our woods in my bare feet! (Occasionally with flip-flops.) I also sat on a family of pill bugs in that tree and kept shouting "SMILE" at my phone. (Plus many, many obscenities!) I'm sure the neighbors think I'm crazy, but the citizens of Hobbiton also thought Bilbo was crazy, and look at his story! It was an adventure in itself trying to take these pictures.

I leave you with me channeling my inner Martin Freeman:

Don't take it personally though! My DSLR was acting up, so I had to use my phone instead before I lost the light! Also flipping sneaky birds is what Mr. Freeman would want! 😉

Hope you had a happy Hobbit Day! 
Don't forget to eat your second breakfast!
Afternoon Tea!
(And maybe a midnight snack while you're at it!)


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