Visiting the Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, WA

Happy Star Wars day, fellow fans! 

What would you do if you were driving around an unfamiliar town and you spot this mural on the side of a storefront?

If you're like me and love Star Wars you would probably FREAK OUT a little and barely wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before power walking to the front to see what was inside. I was not expecting to find a store full of Star Wars memorabilia on my way to the coast!

You can find it in Aberdeen, Washington which is mostly known for being the childhood home of Kurt Cobain. Welcome to Sucher and Sons Star Wars shop

Located at 413 East Wishkah, it's hard to miss this shop when driving by. It has a lot of character that isn't limited to what's inside. Even the nearby utility poles are lightsabers!

The sign on the door reads "you will never shop a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" but I have to disagree. This place is a floor-to-ceiling treasure trove for fans of Star Wars! Plus there were plenty of other fandoms like Ghostbusters and Star Trek mixed in too.

Before you even enter the store you're greeted by some really cool pieces! Like this life-size Yoda and a trash can shaped like R2-D2! (Not pictured)

I walked around the entirety of this place more than 5 times and still was unable to see it all. There were surprises around every corner. Amazing finds in every nook and cranny!

I was especially enamored with this XL Millenium Falcon display

The prices are decent considering the nostalgia value and the owner usually has a sale going on. Plus he is super friendly! Check out that tattoo with Carrie Fisher's signature!

I found many items of interest, but walked away with only two posters and a few odds and ends. (Mostly micro machine pieces because I love them.)

Look how many other people enjoyed visiting the Star Wars Store since it opened!

So if you're ever in the area and you love Star Wars or a good treasure hunt you should really consider stopping by!

May The Fourth Be With You!!!

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