Eat Your Heart Out

My love with Jane Austen is undying, just like zombies. That's why I think they make such a great combination. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" comes out in theaters today and I am so excited to see it on the big screen! Elizabeth Bennet has been a hero of mine for years, and when they turned her into a katana-wielding zombie-slayer I couldn't help but love her even more. She kicks butt!

To celebrate the movie's release, I decided to share my zombiefied porcelain figure that was inspired by the artist Jessica Harrison. Check out her amazing creations! She was also the one who tattooed the porcelain figures.

Zombiefied porcelain figurine

I loved the idea of zombie porcelain figures, but hadn't found the right one to gore up. Then one day when I was thrifting I found this lovely lady with her hand already amputated for about $1.50. Score! My skills are not even close to the level in my inspiration, but I am happy with the results.

Zombiefied porcelain figurine

I know zombies eat mostly brains and other... bits... but the position of her hand made me want to stick a heart in there. I have an awesome shirt that has a zombie eating a heat that says "Eat Your heart out" which also helped inspire my decision.

Zombiefied porcelain figurine eating a heart

I like to think she was a woman who had just been scorned, and after she was turned into a zombie all she could think about was ripping the heart out of that man's chest (with maybe a few brains for dessert).

Zombiefied porcelain figurine eating a heart

She's GOREgeous, don't you think?

Miniature anatomical heart polymer clay

Check out that teeny, tiny heart! (Apologies for grainy phone photo!)

I used this tutorial from PuddingFishCakes to make the heart as anatomically correct as possible:

I had to work with both acrylic and enamel paints to decorate my zombie'd figure. The acrylic was used for the clay heart because the enamel paints started to eat away at it! It was getting sticky and gross really fast, so I had to clean that up and start over. I used a blend of red, black and white enamel paints for the rest of the blood and gore. I left it alone to cure and it stays pretty well as long as nothing scrapes it off. Here are photos of the process:

Zombiefied porcelain figurine

Zombiefied porcelain figurine

Have you read PPZ? Will you go to see it in theaters? 
I'm curious to see Matt Smith as Mr. Collins! Which is as curious about Mr. Collins as I'll ever be, lol.
“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” ― Seth Grahame-SmithPride and Prejudice and Zombies

This month seems to be made of awesome... and zombies! Deadpool and The Walking Dead's return is next week too, and I'm really excited for both of them. Bloody hearts all around!

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