Little Green Men From Outer Space

"Fangirls, it's me." 

The X-Files revival series premiered last night, and another new episode airs tonight. Despite being RUDELY delayed by football, I felt that the episode was worth the watch. I really enjoyed live-tweeting with some other iggles! (International Geek Girl Pen Pals.) It featured all of our old favorite characters and added a few new people to the mix. Without being too specific and spoilerific, the episode contained many classic themes such as conspiracy, the government, and Mulder's favorite: Aliens!

Watching many Science Fiction shows and movies over the years have drastically changed the way I view extra terrestrials. Yet whenever someone mentions aliens one specific visage comes to mind. (Sorry, Doctor!)

This face right here:

Polymer clay green alien head pin
Take me to your leader

You've probably seen some incarnation of them before on stickers or shirts. Gotta love the 90's grunge style aliens! Especially those that glow-in-the-dark! I had been wanting a cute little alien head pin of my own, and being the crafty person I am decided to sit down and make it!

Here's what I used to bring this little green dude to life:
  • Sculpey brand glow-in-the-dark clay
  • Sculpey Accents clay in "Twinkle Twinkle"
  • A small amount of bright green clay
  • A pin back blank
  • Various sculpting tools
Polymer clay alien head pin back

I wish I wore pins more. Maybe I should have made it into a necklace instead. It measures about 2.5x3 cm, so it's quite small.
Still, I think it went pretty well with my 90's grunge X-Files look for Nerdvember 2015.

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 T-shirt I won in a giveaway from 6 Dollar Shirts, and yes, I layered a blazer over a hoodie. (Liv Moore style!)

Since we're talking about aliens, this classic alien face isn't the only one I love and have crafted. The zany Pizza Planet aliens from Toy Story are also near and dear to my heart. (And my ears.)

Tsum Tsum aliens from Toy Story earrings
The Cllllaaaaaaawwwww!

I've been playing Tsum Tsum for a while now, and was inspired by their shape to make these earrings. I think those guys are so cute tsum-tsum-ised!

For this pair I used:
  • Sculpey Premo! Clay in Bright Green Pearl
  • White and black clay
  • Acrylic paints
  • 2 i-pins
  • 2 earring hooks
  • Sculpting tools

So tell me, in a non-spoilery way for fellow fangirls who haven't watched the episode(s) yet, what did you think of the premiere? 

"I want to believe" that this will be a good comeback for the series. 

Funko Pop! Agent Scully

Seriously though, I hope this is worth it, and I'll be watching it tonight! Feel free to join the conversation with me if I live-tweet! @craftylilgeek


  1. I love these soo much! 👽

    I've been trying to rewatch the whole series and movies before following the revival 💔 I forgot how many seasons they had!

    1. Thanks Crissy!!! :D SO many seasons! I still need to watch the movies too!

  2. I love everything about this post! That alien pin is so adorable! Do you happen to sell any of your crafts on Etsy?!

    The X-Files premiere... I LOVED IT. I've seen the first two episodes now, and honestly, to me it feels like the old show! So happy it came back and I'm really excited to see more of it.